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She had been concerned that there would come a time that her unquestioned authority and her limitless power might grow dull, that her existence might become banal and unfulfilling, but that time had never come. In the early days, she had swiftly and easily brought the nations of the world beneath both her figurative and literal heel while towering over their greatest cities, treading them beneath the soles of her majestic boots.

That had been when there were still nations to conquer, when cities still stood, waiting for her to crush. Those rich, exquisite, deliciously violent days had passed so quickly, and while the destruction had been its own thrill, the violence hadn’t been her greatest desire.

Power. Control. Unmatched, unequivocal dominance over everything she knew, everything there was. She had possessed a single wish, and when all of her work, all of her research and exploration had given her the chance, that wish was granted to glorious effect.

She reclined in her luxurious throne, sipping her coffee as she looked out through her enchanted mirror, surveying the corners of her world. It was nothing for her to simply lean forward and let her hand pass through the glass, and just as easy to snatch the large fishing vessel up in her grasp and drag it back through the mirror into her chambers, much as she’d done dozens upon dozens of times.

Even though the practice had become common for her, grabbing up people from all corners of the world to play with remained a thoroughly pleasant way to start her day. Doubtless the hundreds of crewmen were gripped with bewildered terror to find themselves so swiftly transported from the high seas to her grand and opulent palace, and doubly so once she tipped their now miniscule boat upside down and braced her thumbs at either end, easily snapping the fragile thing in half.

It took a few shakes to empty its contents into the dark, steaming coffee beneath, but soon she was satisfied that all, or at least enough of the members of the crew had been dumped into her cup. The pieces of their shattered ship tumbled from her hands, forgotten for the moment as she leaned forward.

If she squinted just right, she could see their little limbs flailing as they splashed about within the scalding liquid, and occasionally their screams hit just the right tone to register with her ears, but she hadn’t brought them here just to watch them suffer and burn and drown.

One, two, sometimes three at a time stuck to the tip of her immaculately manicured finger as she daintily dipped it into the coffee, their tiny bodies unable to even resist the force of the liquid adhering to her skin, and eventually there were a fair number of them, little specks struggling and squirming helplessly upon her fingertip.

They were so much more than just specks, though, and that’s what made these experiences so exquisite. They were people. Real, live people, with friends and families, thoughts and dreams and hopes and loves.

She had been just like them, and that was something she could never forget. Just another little nothing among the billions, with student loans, ex-boyfriends, weekly paychecks, an apartment and a car, grocery lists and a dead-end job.

That was what made all of this feel so good. Her thumb drew closer to the dozen little lives gasping and shrieking atop the tip of her index finger, and as skin touched skin, every aspect of the experience felt so right. Their last, pathetic struggles were barely perceptible. For all that they were, they were nothing to her now, and while she hardly noticed them struggling and screaming, she was keenly aware of how, one by one, their bodies crumpled and crushed between her fingers.

She was more than they would ever be–more than they could ever even imagine, and as she rubbed her fingers together, feeling the warm, messy remnants of a dozen men dribble down along the side of her knuckle, she felt it with every fiber of her being. She sucked the little mess from her hand, tasting more French vanilla than viscera, and sighed with immense, pleasurable satisfaction. She’d gotten what she wanted, and the scores of other helpless fishermen had lost their purpose, but that was no matter. They passed her lips and slipped down her throat along with her coffee, forgotten even more swiftly than their pulverized friends.
I had this concept in mind for days after a K-cup burst and left some stray coffee grounds in my morning brew. It's a different scenario for me--larger size difference, finger crush, a nearly omnipotent subject--but I think it's quite enjoyable all the same.

This was originally published on my new site's blog a few weeks ago. If you weren't aware, misskaneda.WordPress.Com is now a thing. Check it out!
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JohnnyDollar67 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016  Student
You are a fine writer.
GoddessTina Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
The sultry feeling of crushing difference in power exsudes from your story.
Yet it is an exquisite, almost delicate power.
It can take so many forms... and i truly adore yours.

A thing i really like in your writing is how you pay this methodical attention to details...
only to seemingly cast them away once you write.
It gives this... texture your writing is made of.
A texture you can smear, shape, destroy...

Loved it.
Thanks for sharing!
scream5 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
I loved it! So exciting to see you writing again.
BentoKitsune Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
So amazing to see more stuff from you <3
XuxaXuxa Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Lovely! I like how you make the reader feel her power
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
There's so many things I love about size fantasies, but above them all is power.
XuxaXuxa Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016
Same here. I'd love to rp with you about it xD
WillEdgecomb Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Professional Writer
Love it. Pure, terrifying power. Very cool story. :D
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I try my best to really create the mindset and experience of that power in my writing. I'm glad you enjoyed (and I appreciate your TMBG username).
WillEdgecomb Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Professional Writer
That's the stuff I love. You do great at it.

You're honestly the first person to notice it's a TMBG reference, so... bonus points! Or whatever counts as worthless bonus points on DA. A llama!
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