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The salespeople were abuzz with excitement, standing around in their suits and stylish outfits before the high end boutique's first day of business. The manager had them gathered for a meeting and had done an excellent job of stoking his employees' enthusiasm, and in twenty minutes their first day of business would begin.

He was going over some finer points of the customer service experience when the front door noisily burst open, startling several of the people. They all turned as one to see a young woman, slender and of average height with long and wavy pale hair spilling about her shoulders. She was dressed casually, wearing a long and flowing top and white leggings with a pair of fur-trimmed Uggs stretching up to her knees, and she paused in the doorway to survey the virgin store from behind her large sunglasses.

"Did somebody seriously forget to lock the door?" the manager grumbled, shaking his head as he looked around the room, attempting to identify the culprit amongst his employees. It fell to him to give their first customer the bad news that they weren't quite ready for business today, so he took a few steps towards her, starting with his best "I'm so sorry, miss..."

Those were all the words he managed before Ranavalona gave a little dismissive wave of her hand and an unseen force sent the man flying through the air, smashing into the wall amongst a carefully arranged display of Italian leather handbags.

Some of the women shrieked at the display, and everyone there seemed to be shaking their head in disbelief, paralyzed by the incredible and supernatural act. The young sorceress took a moment to push her sunglasses up on her head as she gave a little grimace of disgust to the well-dressed man crumpled at her feet. She made a point to plant her boot on his face and give a little twist as she walked over him, eliciting a pained wail from him as she stepped further into the boutique and took a closer look at a dress hung up on display before she turned back to the group.

"So, who would like to help me?" she asked, running her fingers along the rich fabric of the dress for a moment before letting it drop back to where it hung. She hoped for once these miserable peasants would simply recognize her authority and power and bend themselves to her every whim, but her experiences in this New York place had never been so simple.

It seemed like her voice had somehow broken the metaphoric spell that held everyone in place. A small store like this might normally require two, or perhaps three employees on a busy day, but aside from the already semi-conscious manager there were five others present for the grand opening. Two men remained, the larger of them surging forward, rushing at the slight sorceress while one of the girls dashed around behind the counter and reached for the phone. The other three split up, one running for the front door and the last two making for the back.

Ranavalona took a breath, sighing as she surveyed the situation and mentally arranged the magics she'd need to take control. First and foremost, a whispered word and a few dextrous gestures of her fingers rooted the man charging her to his spot, holding him utterly still, though his eyes still shifted about wildly in his head as he descended into a silent and utter panic.

She raised her hand in the air, two pointed fingers swirling about in a small circle and drawing the doors on both ends of the store sharply shut, sealing them completely despite the bodies pushing and slamming against them in a desperate and futile attempt to escape, and then finally she muttered another unintelligible word and extended a finger towards the girl behind the counter, chuckling slightly at her horrified reaction as the telephone receiver burst into flame.

"Nobody, then?" Ranavalona quipped, shaking her head and letting out an exaggerated, exasperated sigh. "I'd heard good things about this place, but if all of the merchants are truly so worthless..."

The sorceress stepped up to the helpless, paralyzed man before her shaking her head once again and patting his cheek. She leaned in and whispered something in the man's ear, and the moment she leaned away, his body began to diminish. It happened quickly, but the transition was just slow enough that the other employees could tell exactly what was happening when they turned back to watch. Even the fearful shrieks and screams died down somewhat as they observed yet another impossible occurrence, watching in horrid, terrible fearful fascination as Bryan disappeared from view.

For Bryan's part, his body strained to scream at the top of his lungs even before the ground rushed up to meet him and the world around him expanded to impossible dimensions. "You're going to die like a hideous worm beneath my heel," the sorceress had promised in a low and sultry whisper only he could hear. In the next moment he was on the ground, her massive sheepskin boots filling his vision in every direction. His mind filled with an all-encompassing wordless terror that only redoubled when one of those boots slowly rose from the ground. He couldn't move, couldn't flee, couldn't raise his arms or even squeeze his eyes shut, and as the thick, textured sole of her boot cast him into shadow, his eyes couldn't resist following its movement into the air above him. Once that boot began its relatively swift and merciless descent, the spell holding him broke just in time for the horrid, desperate scream that suffused Bryan's entire being to also fill his ears for just the briefest instant before he was smashed into the ground and reduced to a splattered smear.

Even though he wasn't visible from their varying positions on other sides of the store, there was no mistaking what had become of Bryan. The woman had glanced to the floor and her face had broken into a wicked grin as her foot rose a few inches into the air and then firmly pressed to the ground. The room was actually silent save for her low, soft sound of satisfaction and a faint, wet squeaking as she slowly twisted her boot against the immaculate floor.

"Now," she spoke again while dragging her boot back with another long squeaking sound. "Can I get some service?"

Though Bryan hadn't been visible from where they stood, the small crimson streak that he'd become certainly was. The woman at the counter, who had recoiled and backed into the corner when her phone had caught fire, now found herself scrambling for a trash can as she began to retch. The two at the back door were clinging to each other, the man making some sort of attempt to shield the woman from Ranavalona's sight, but after a moment more the woman at the front swallowed and shakily raised her voice as she turned back.

"I can help you," she barely managed to stammer while taking few steps forward.

Ranavalona adjusted her body and turned her head, not quite turning to really face her as she approached. Her eyes slowly looked the girl up and down, taking in her angular face and dark shoulder-length straight hair. She had a nice blouse and blazer on and a couple of pretty necklaces, some straight-legged slacks and a pair of studded black dressy flats.

"Cute, but no," Ranavalona quickly judged. She whispered another few arcane words and reached out, a fingertip tapping the girl in the middle of her forehead. She let out a sharp, piercing shriek as her head shot back on her shoulders, and when it slowly rolled back and she met the sorceress's gaze, her pupils had all but vanished, leaving her eyes nothing but a strange and ghostly white.

"You can be my chair, though," the sorceress warmly suggested, and the girl slowly nodded her head, wearing a sort of blank smile as she easily lowered herself to all fours.

"You." Ranavalona pointed to the pale woman just now lifting herself back up from the rim of the trash can. Despite the terror and nausea that gripped her, she still looked rather fetching with her short hair and bangs, belted black sweater dress, tights and knee-high leather boots. "You're more my style. What's your name?"

The woman was too shocked to answer right away, and before she could gather herself and respond the girl by the back door pushed past the remaining man and marched towards the center of the room. "What's wrong with you?" she shrieked. "What kind of freak... what kind of monster are you? You killed Bryan, and I don't know what you even did to Cristina..."

The sorceress looked the girl over as she approached, and during her tirade she'd allowed herself to slowly sit back, settling her weight on the other girl whose name she'd just learned. "She doesn't need a will of her own for me to use her. I simply filled her with mine."

The infuriated woman didn't seem to know how to respond to that, though she still sputtered through her rage and tried to find some words to form, nearly starting a few more questions and declarations before Ranavalona interrupted her again.

"Hey, your little boyfriend over there. Are you two close?" The very way she calmly asked the question was a total dismissal of the girl's angry accusations.

"He's not my boyfriend!" she shouted. "We're just friends, and..."

"Good," Ranavalona replied, cutting her off once more. "Then he won't miss you so much."

Before she could say another word, the sorceress had already whispered a few more strange syllables, and with a twitch of her fingers this other girl swiftly shrunk away just like Bryan had before her, leaving her barely more than an inch tall in the middle of the floor.

She glanced around in a panic, aware of her situation only because she'd seen it happen to him just moments before. Her body urged her to turn away and run, just run and run and run, but once she'd looked up at the immense form of this smug sorceress daintily seated cross-legged atop her apparently brainwashed friend, she simply couldn't bring herself to turn away. Every part of this cruel and unstoppable woman utterly dwarfed her. She'd instantly transformed from an already fearsome young lady with incredible powers to a godly, monumentally vast feminine presence that seemed to totally fill the sky.

The suddenly tiny woman struggled to reconcile Ranavalona's immense form with reality. Her huge eyes seemed to hold her rooted to the spot, pinning her to the ground beneath her gaze. She sat far above, just watching the tiny thing with an amused grin while her raised foot at the end of her crossed leg bobbed slightly in the air. It was that movement that brought the girl's attention to the tremendous boot, and it was the dark, gory smear on its sole that finally spurred her to action.

She turned to flee, but the moment she did a burst of wind rose from beneath her and sent her tumbling through the air. The minuscule woman continued to rise from the ground, her little squeals barely audible to the sorceress above her but enough to encourage a brief chuckle. She struggled to orient herself and stop twisting and turning, eventually steadying herself enough to realize that this unnatural air current was carrying her towards Ranavalona's waiting open hand.

By the time she landed face-down on the expansive plain of warm, sweet smelling skin that was the ruthless woman's palm, the shrunken girl had screamed herself out. She planted her hands in the yielding flesh and managed to push her head up, tears filling her eyes as she cried out for mercy, never really completing any sentence but managing to fit in a lot of "please" and "oh my god" before she noticed the long and slender fingers, each a dozen times her size, rising above her like a tidal wave as they started to curl in towards her.

It turned out she had one more scream deep inside of her, and this one lasted until after she'd vanished from view. Ranavalona purred softly as she felt the first tiny snaps of bones giving way to her incomparable strength, the girl's squeals taking on a different, more pleasing timbre as her insignificant body started to collapse. Soon after that, the pleasing sensation of her little squelch accompanied her sudden silence.

"Oooh," the sorceress cooed as the girl's warm juices and pulped remains further squished and smeared, a small trace trickling along her wrist from her tightly squeezed fist. Once she'd derived as much satisfaction as possible from crushing the life out of the uppity little thing, Ranavalona opened her hand and shook her head, giving a little snort as she looked over the unrecognizable wet mess that was left of her.

"Clean that up," she casually instructed Cristina while lowering her hand in front of her face. The enthralled girl quickly and contentedly extended her tongue and set to lapping the messy gore from the sorceress's palm, drawing a brief giggle from the woman who comfortably sat on her back.

The man in the corner slowly sank to the ground, covering his mouth with both hands as he made this low, terrible groaning sound, and the girl who'd already emptied the contents of her stomach into the trashcan had to brace herself against the counter as her vision blurred and her body threatened to crumple beneath her.

Ranavalona pointed to the girl and curled her finger, beckoning her closer. Despite the mixture of dizzy terror and weakness threatening to overwhelm her, intellectually she realized that placating this horrible, otherworldly woman might be her only chance at survival, and with that thought in mind she cautiously approached.

"What's your name?" Ranavalona politely inquired, favoring the girl with a pleasant smile that was only briefly interrupted by a little shiver of pleasure as Cristina's tongue traced along one of her fingertips.

"Ellen," the girl croaked after struggling mightily to find any voice at all.

The sorceress nodded once before she spoke. "Ellen, I have a function tonight that I must look positively ravishing for. I need a full outfit. Dress, shoes, stockings, accessories, all of it."

Ellen nodded enthusiastically at that, seeming to draw a little bit of comfort from being put into an expected role. Now she could simply do her job and do it well, and if she impressed the cruel sorceress she might even be spared. "Absolutely, Miss," she spoke with a little more clarity. "I'll find you something spectacular, and if you like, David is actually our shoe expert. We could help you together."

Ranavalona's eyes lit up a little to hear that, and she glanced over to the hyperventilating man collapsed in the corner, noticing his eyes growing a bit wider as he realized that her attention had shifted to him. "Really, now?" she asked with a smirk, turning back to Ellen. "Is he... what do you people call it here... is he queer? David, are you queer?" She looked back to him, her curiosity revealed in the way her head tilted just slightly while she waited for a response.

"N--no," he stammered with a nervous cough, and that response brought a brief peal of delighted laughter from the wicked woman as she looked him over.

"Oh, how absolutely delightful! I always hope to meet someone like you when I go out shopping. Come here, David. You can entertain me while I wait." Ranavalona snapped her fingers and gestured to a spot on the ground, and the tall, slender man swallowed hard and pulled himself up from the floor, scurrying across the room and standing before her at the spot she'd indicated.

"Kneel," she demanded, and instantly that's what he did, dropping to the ground before her and keeping his gaze locked with her own dark, sparkling, mischievous eyes. She looked him over for a long moment, and then with a growing grin she uncrossed her legs and settled her raised boot onto his shoulder.

"I imagine you'd enjoy kissing my feet," Ranavalona purred, and the words restored some of the color that this morning of terror had drained away from the man's face, though much of what came back was pinkish and red. David flushed, feeling the sweat starting to bead on his brow as the woman's boot slid closer, the soft, fur-trimmed sheepskin instep and shaft grazing his cheek, leaving him shuddering.

"Go ahead, little one," she purred. "I enjoy worship nearly as much as sacrifice."

David didn't quite comprehend her statement, but he did understand what she wanted. His head slowly turned and he pressed his lips to the smooth, soft surface of the same boot that had crushed his coworker to an unrecognizable smear, took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and the kissed again and again and again.

Ranavalona enjoyed the man and his attentions, sighing happily as she leaned back and watched him start to lose himself in his adoration of her footwear. She needed both hands free to keep her steady, so she pulled her right away from Cristina's dutiful tongue and wiped what traces of saliva and gore were left in the girl's hair, then started to amuse herself by pushing the man's head around with her feet, chuckling as she gently shoved it this way and that while he struggled to keep kissing her boots.

Eventually she grew tired of her game and let her feet settle back to the ground, and much to her delight David's eager lips followed her boots to the floor as he stretched out before her, continuing to cover her Uggs with loving kisses.

"Oh my, you've got it bad. That's what they say, isn't it?" the sorceress laughed. David was too occupied with his task to respond, but she lifted one of her feet and firmly planted it on his skull, pinning his face to the ground beneath her boot as she pulled the other one away from his needy little mouth.

Ellen hadn't been able to resist casting a few glances back over her shoulder as she desperately combed through the racks and displays to try and find the dress that would save her life. It was going to be hard to compete with David, though, as his creepy little fetish seemed to have gotten him into the woman's good graces.

She settled on a short, bright red dress with flowing sleeves, a plunging neckline and dark, swirling patterns embroidered across the lightweight fabric. With a deep, shaky breath she turned and nervously approached the smirking woman, seated on one coworker's back while amusing herself with grinding another's face beneath her heel.

"I--I thought red might be your color," Ellen timidly suggested, and to her tremendous relief the sorceress looked up and continued to smile as she examined the dress, reaching out to run her fingers along the sleeve, sampling the fabric's smooth and rich texture.

"It does seem to surround me," Ranavalona agreed as she pushed herself up off of Cristina's back, the shift in weight drawing out an oddly pleasurable groan from the man beneath her boot that made her chuckle once again. "Now, here," she said before muttering a strange word and flicking her fingers, and in the next instant the dress appeared on her body, leaving the fearful saleswoman holding the top and leggings that she'd walked in with.

"I do like it quite a bit," she commented as she finally lifted her boot from David's face and turned to examine herself in the nearby mirror, though Ellen's relief was short-lived as she quickly turned back, wearing a little frown. "It definitely needs something more, though."

Even the slightest hint of dissatisfaction on the woman's face was too much for Ellen to bear. "Anything! Anything you want, I swear, I'll give you anything," she shrieked and clamored, backing away and holding her hands up as she trembled in fear.

"Of course you will, kitten," Ranavalona purred, taking a step back towards her that filled the woman with dread, but then she stopped and bent at the waist, leaning down towards Cristina, who was still contentedly on the ground on all fours, waiting for the sorceress's next instruction. "But I fancied this from the moment I saw it," she continued, slipping a finger beneath the chain of Cristina's necklace and lifting it towards her.

She didn't bother undoing the clasp, her enchanting touch allowing the necklace to pass directly through Cristina's neck. It did send her into a lengthy, horrid coughing, choking fit, but it was less trouble than fiddling with the little lever. The necklace itself was a silver chain adorned with a dozen or so odd crucifixes in different sizes and shapes, smaller on the outside and growing larger towards the middle. Ranavalona's hair seemed to lift away from her shoulders of its own accord, and the chain simply separated and then fused itself back together once it had slipped around her neck.

The sorceress turned back and admired the look in the mirror, and Ellen breathed a little sigh of relief as she glimpsed her approving smile from over the woman's shoulder. Suddenly, though, she turned back to face her and extended an open hand towards the girl.

"I think I can still use you, though," she quipped, and Ellen's eyes grew wide as she shook her head fervently, taking a step back, but in a flash of light her entire world changed.

There was no slow transition or games with conjured air currents this time. One moment she was backing away in fear, and the next she was an inch tall, dizzy and disoriented and terrified out of her mind as she collapsed in a heap in Ranavalona's open hand.

As terrifying as the past several minutes in the presence of this unstoppable, precocious, murderous girl had been, they were nothing compared to the experience of cowering in her hand. Cristina had done a good job of cleaning it, but the smell of saliva and gory death still nearly overpowered the perfumed fragrance of the sorceress's warm and supple skin.

Ellen pulled her hands and knees beneath her and looked up, the face of an incalculably huge, playful and utterly uncaring goddess filling her vision, and it didn't take long for her to think back to what had happened to the last girl in her position. She screamed, and screamed, and screamed some more, but Ranavalona's immense fingers made no move to wrap themselves around her and crush the life from her suddenly tiny form.

Instead, she leaned in close, tremendous dark eyes each bigger than Ellen's entire body narrowing as she scrutinized the tiny girl. "No," Ranavalona finally declared, her brief statement of disapproval shaking the girl's entire being. For sure she'd smash her now, end her tiny life with no more thought than if she'd swatted an annoying fly, but instead Ellen found the sorceress's godlike countenance moving even closer, her full, painted lips pursed like she might cover the girl's body with a tremendous kiss.

Her screaming stopped for a moment as confusion overruled the mind-numbing terror, but then a burst hot, mint-tinged air slammed into Ellen, sending her tumbling back along the curve of the sorceress's cupped hand.

Ranavalona continued to blow across Ellen's little body, unable to even hear the tiny girl's screams as her arcane-infused breath started to rip her clothing to shreds. It took a little while, but gradually every stitch of clothing on her tore away, rising into the air and disintegrating as it drifted away.

"Better," the sorceress decided as she reached towards the helpless, shuddering naked thing curled up against her fingers. Her warm little body thrashed and writhed as she was gathered up, delicately held between fingertips each nearly as long as her, but the screams didn't begin again until she felt cold, smooth metal against her bare back.

A lone fingertip was all the giant, beautiful monster needed to keep the girl in place against the surface of her new necklace's largest cross. Ellen tried to fight it, tried to twist and thrash and scream, but then suddenly her arms were wrenched outward by an invisible force, nearly ripped from their sockets and then held utterly immobile as her legs were stretched out and likewise stilled. Her head was still free to twist this way and that, and for a little while all of Ellen's screams devolved into nearly senseless pleas for mercy, but then a simultaneous searing pain in her hands and feet brought all of that screaming back.

Once she realized that she could move her arms and legs again, but only just slightly since her extremities were totally fused to the black metal cross behind her, Ellen's cries found an even higher and more intense level, even persisting through the sudden jolt and jangling that came from Ranavalona turning to examine her necklace's new look in the mirror.

"Lovely," the sorceress decreed, her voice rattling Ellen's tiny ears as she turned this way and that, posing for herself as her fingers glided along the necklace's chain. Those screams just wouldn't stop now that the girl had figured out her new lot in life, though, which was perhaps the only potential drawback of this particular fashion.

"Hush, now," she instructed the girl bound to the cross dangling just between the sorceress's smallish breasts. She didn't obey, but that was no concern for Ranavalona. With another strange, whispered arcane word she brought a fingertip up to the tiny girl's head, and when she drew it away, Ellen's mouth had simply vanished from her face, leaving her to writhe and scream in a much more tolerable silence.

"Now," she began, turning back to the boy still stretched out on the ground. "It's time that you did your job, little one." David had pushed his head up enough that he could keep an eye on what was going on. As terrifying as she was, he couldn't help but note that the woman hadn't killed Ellen outright, so perhaps there might be some hope for him after all.

Ranavalona settled back onto Cristina's back and crossed her legs once again. "Go find something beautiful for my feet, and I'd certainly prefer it if you didn't take too long," she instructed, and David was quickly up off of the ground, nodding in understanding.

"Are you going to kill me?" he timidly asked before turning to go, and Ranavalona's response was as quick and easy as any other statement she'd make in her life.

"Perhaps," she replied. "So I suggest you take as much enjoyment from your task as possible. It very well may be the last thing you do."

David shuddered as he scampered off towards the shoe displays that he'd carefully set up himself. This woman's cold, dismissive cruelty was beyond intimidating, but he also couldn't dismiss the part of it that he found oddly tantalizing as well. It didn't take him long to make a selection for her, and within a minute he was hurrying back to where she sat, idly running her fingers across Ellen's tiny body as she played with her necklace.

Her boot rose and extended towards him expectantly once he was back on his knees, and with a soft, nervous kiss at its tip he carefully grasped the heel and slid it from her foot, doing his best to avoid glancing at the little bloody stain on its sole. As her foot slipped free, he found himself enchanted by the shape of her foot within its plush, pale pink and cream-striped knee sock. He could only stare for a moment as her slender toes stretched and flexed, enjoying their freedom, and Ranavalona was all too happy to indulge the boy's clearly visible desire.

She let her foot stretch out a bit further, and David found himself leaning in to meet her approaching toes, recognizing the feel of cashmere as they glided across his lips, gathering an instinctual, worshipful kiss as her wonderfully soft sole continued to slide forward across his face.

A morning wrapped in her thick, furry boot left her sock-sheathed sole radiating the most wonderful heat, and David breathed slowly and deeply again and again, filling his entire being with the heavenly, heady fragrance that suffused her spectacular sock as she continued to enjoy rubbing her foot in his face.

"Aren't you frightened?" Ranavalona seductively purred, gently grinding the faintly moist cashmere into the boy's cheek while he strained to kiss her heel.

"Terrified," he murmured into her sole as his head turned, letting him bury his face in the elegant curve of her arch. "But you're still just... just so..." he struggled to define the inexplicable mixture of the most powerful desires and fears of his life swelling up inside him, but the otherworldly woman above him slipped her toes into his mouth and cut him off.

"I know, pet. I know." With that she drew her foot back and replaced it with the other, playfully tapping his face with the sole of her boot. "Now this one, and my socks, too."

Again he reverently removed her boot, and this time immediately leaned in to bury his face in her warm, freshly freed sole, moaning softly as he breathed deeply of its scents and passionately placed a row of kisses from her heel to her toes. He then cradled her calf and reached out for the sock's cuff, but paused as the woman added another caveat to his instructions.

"Oh, and don't let your filthy fingers touch my skin," she instructed, "or I'll be removing your clumsy hands and feeding them to you."

It was a stark reminder to David that despite her beauty, despite the lusts swelling inside him and the fantasies she was fulfilling, this was still an utterly evil, merciless woman who treated human lives as nothing but toys, and he was simply the plaything of the moment. With tremendous care, he managed to loosen her lovely socks and peel them from her delicate feet without incident, and after a little glance upward for approval he pressed them to his face, taking one last breath before stretching them out and laying them across the toes of her boots.

As he unwrapped the stockings David stretched them out, running his fingers along the rich, silky fabric. "These are Wolford, the best you can find in almost any store," he explained as he cautiously and expertly guided the stockings up along her slender, milky legs.

"Mm," she responded to his words and more than that, the feel of the rich stockings embracing her calves. She took the cuffs of the stockings from the boy's hands as they approached her thighs, finishing pulling them up and stretching one leg towards the ceiling, letting her hands caress the exquisite material as her toes pointed to the sky, then bringing her warm, silky sole downwards to slide over his face as it lowered back towards the ground, leaving him shuddering and letting out another soft, low moan.

"Wolford," she sighed happily. "I'll remember that, pet. Now what else do you have for me?"

David even smiled just slightly as he scooted the box he'd brought over in front of him and smoothly lifted the lid, setting it aside and quickly producing a lengthy stiletto-heeled leather boot from the box.

"These will be just over the knee on legs like yours," he commented with an actual little smile of satisfaction, expanding the the shaft of the tall black boot to accept her pointed toes and slide up along the length of her leg, enjoying the scent of the fresh leather as he pulled up the hidden zipper.

"The slight platform helps with the five inch stiletto," he added while slipping the first boot's twin onto the sorceress's other foot and zipping it up as well. "The length is also perfect to show off the tops of your sexy stockings while you walk, and the crimson soles really accent your dress and do just that little bit extra to grab people's attention."

Ranavalona purred softly as she shifted and stretched her legs within the exquisitely supple leather before rising to her suddenly significantly enhanced height. "Mm. I do like the idea of people staring at the soles of my boots," she commented, staring at her feet, and turning them side to side, examining her skyscraping heels.

David sat back on his knees and watched, his heart racing in spite of himself while a satisfied smile spread across his face. She was radiant. Glorious, sexy, utterly imposing and certain to demand the eyes of anyone with a pulse that stood in the same room, and he'd helped complete her look.

"Now," Ranavalona started with her devilish grin slowly returning, "let's try these out."

David could sense the malice in her words and reflexively recoiled, dropping to the ground and starting to scoot back, but the woman turned away from him, leaving him to watch from behind as she posed and admired herself in the mirror from a few different angles, and then glanced down at Cristina and made a little gesture and smirk.

Her smile was bright and warm as the girl quickly shrank away to almost nothing. She might have even disappeared, but David knew better by now. He knew exactly what had become of her and what was going to happen even before the cruel sorceress's immaculate boot slid forward and rocked back on its tall, slender heel.

"Mmm," Ranavalona purred, brimming with narcissistic passion as she stared at herself in the mirror, brushing a stray bit of hair from her eyes as she watched her own foot hover over the tiny, helpless, obedient thing. Slowly, tremendously slowly she started to lower her toes towards the ground, holding her breath as the space beneath her sole darkened all the more, her full lips parting to an ecstatic, toothy grin as she encountered the first bit of resistance. David flinched and turned away as her crimson, lacquered sole pressed to the ground.

Ranavalona watched with rapt fascination as her useful human seat slowly crumpled and squelched beneath her descending boot. She could see every detail of the girl being pressed flat, her insides bursting and spreading out beneath her foot before she gave a single long, slow twist, smashing and tearing her body to a nearly unrecognizable mess.

"Good job, little one," she commented while angling her foot back to admire the dark bloody smear on her boot's bright red sole, and then without so much as a glance back at him she turned towards the door and walked away, her hips swaying and sonorous, clicking steps criss-crossing seductively as she went.

"Oh yeah," she remarked as she noticed the manager still stretched out, groaning and semi-conscious on the floor. With another wave of her hand, she reduced him to another little speck without so much as a break in her stride, bent her knee and lifted her black leather boot the slightest bit further into the air before slamming it down on his fragile tiny form, splattering him across several tiles of floor as she walked out the door, her new boots echoing with each step and her necklace jingling along in time with each rhythmic footfall until she was completely gone, leaving David to sit and stare after her in a fearful, lustful daze. He absentmindedly fondled one of the smooth, soft socks she’d left behind and found himself holding one of her abandoned Uggs in his lap, and that's how the first visitor and later the police found him, a man forever changed by his first and last day at his new job.
Ranavalona, a beautiful, vain, powerful, sadistic and incomparably cruel sorceress visits an upscale boutique on their first day of business, seeking a new outfit and perhaps a bit of fun as well.

I've always had a profound love of magic, and Ranavalona was one of the first characters I really fell in love with as I created her and continued to add to her story through years of roleplaying and now through the moments I write about. Getting back to her after so long was a wonderful experience, and writing about her adventures is perhaps the most fun I've had in a while.
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GoddessTina Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your stories, kaneda, are better off read one at a time, no more than one a week.
I'm always left with so many ideas and insights regarding the nature of power dynamics that i need to take some time to reflect on it.

I really liked the overall rythm of this story :
Brutality > Quick & casual setup of the rules > Enjoyment > More enjoyment > Classy conclusion.

The introduction is just about perfect. I'm not a great fan of brute force demonstration but i'll seriously reconsider my options after reading this one.
If you take into account the personality of ranavalona, it makes perfect sense.

The rest of the story is a masterful show of refined cruelt- . No. This is not cruelty.
This is what i'd call "perceived status". Or mindset, take your pick.
And it makes the unfolding events and ranavalona's lines all the better because they all flow so naturally. Cruelty would mean intent. Here we have her everyday, casual life.
Come to think of it... i'm not even sure ranavalona would be capable of cruelty if she wanted to.

All in all, what i liked the most is that the whole story is pretty much focusing on one, blinding spot : her. And it does it with a lot more subtlety that it shows on a first read.

This one will stay in my mind as one of those crucial milestones in what the evil giantess fantasy has to offer. I'll share it with people curious about this topic, i'll probably read it again, checking here and there for a bit of juicy vocabulary...

Thanks again for all the work you've put into this brilliant character and her adventures.
Thanks for sharing it and setting the highest standards.

SimoneMushter Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
The psychological torture  is as  tantalizing as the actual crunch. Loved reading this!
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! The psychological aspect is really where I derive the most enjoyment. Crushing people is really the culmination of the delicious torment that leads up to the moment of finality.
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great storytelling.. as always. :clap:

You kept the fate of David in the bleeding edge until the very end, but I'm glad that you decided to spare his life.
It made the story even more enjoyable.. at least for me. 
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Ranavalona enjoys demonstrating her superiority, feeling she is just naturally so far above the simple, stupid peasants that surround her. Part of that compulsion in her nature is an enjoyment that comes from others showing their awe, worship,  and fear, and occasionally that moves her to leave a survivor or two just to have someone remember what she's done, and perhaps tell the tale.

I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It's been some time since I let Ranavalona out to have some fun, but it was definitely a tremendous joy to write. 
crlvr Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You obviously possess incredible writing skills, it's such an entertaining read and so descriptive like you're actually there seeing it happen.She's very intimidating to say the least,and the shoe fellow is incredibly lucky she let him live. I'm going to enjoy reading your other stories,and was very happy to find out you've teamed with the very talented SorenZer0 again. Plus this time it's soooooo up my alley with what he termed as a "barefoot crushfest" =p  Music to my ears when you sexy ladies delight in squashing little men beneath your soles. Love seeing them trampled and casually walked on for simply being in your way,so look forward to this upcoming collaboration. Also enjoy certain femdom scenario's,but for me only little men,never the women. You ladies are always above us,showing your power and dominance as you pose your will over the lowly "insects" at your feet. =p
 also grabbed my attention when speaking of your youth and simply crushing things underfoot,lol. I knew some barefoot country gals that also had no issues with this,would love to hear more if you wish.;)
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think about it much, but I do often seem to write about female victims. I hope you still find a way to enjoy my stories that fail to mix in any tiny little males, and at least in my more prominent works I think you should see at least a fair mix of gender among the fragile playthings being shattered and abused.

Did you happen to check out "Complex?" The feedback system on GiantessLove isn't quite as direct, so I haven't seen much response to it there, though I'd love to hear what you thought if you did read it.

As far as my own adventures at an early age, it's true that my fantasies have been something that's been a part of me for literally as long as I can remember. I do like talking about my background, though you'll have to forgive me as I'm terribly behind on my correspondence and don't quite recall where our conversation left off. Feel free to pick it back up, though, and I'm sure I'll figure out where we were.
crlvr Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did comment at Soren's page on the collaboration you guys did together:) Glad you found some time to respond to my comment too,thank you. I enjoy a great read, and you're very good,even if little female victims aren't my thing. I love little men getting what's coming to them and never wish to see harm come to women,so I'll usually go through that stuff quickly,lol. But it's still a thousand times better than male/male scenario's, to each their own though. I didn't see the Complex story on your GL page,it only shows 4 stories,am I missing something?  I read the little snippets from Soren's story illustrations he previewed for us though, you both work very well together and love some of the scenario's used with that :) You really engage us readers with the emotions both the cruel woman and her victims go through. I love reading that and how descriptive you get with what she does to them,certain phrases and words really do it for me.
   Yeah,its neat learning what "triggered" all this inside us,and like yourself it happened early on in my childhood for me as well. To hear and read it from the women's perspective is awesome and makes the stories that much more enjoyable.:D
Patit531 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2015
the something to sum up my whole opinion about this story....amazing
Kotrebo Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
The very real effect that comes from breathing the scent of a woman's just worn socks is insane! It's seriously like its own drug with how immediate the scent can be both mood altering and instantly relaxing.  My wife's feet fresh from her shoes can immediately change my whole day.  Makes it difficult to focus, impossible to carry on any intelligent conversation, the effect can be scary!  So I can definitely relate to David getting his mind blown under Ranavalona's presence.  This kind of power over such a specific type of weakness is so damn unfair! Total exploitation! XD
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yes, that moment my feet first slip free of my shoes is absolutely one of the best moments of the day. Stretching my toes and feeling the wonderful heat from my soles while their fragrance fills the air... I wish my socks could go straight from my boots to my husband's face every night, but for some reason he feels that's not terribly appropriate with the kids around.

Such is life, I guess.
Kotrebo Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, it sounds to me like it must be a refreshing feeling getting those boots off, and a real predicament for your husband stuck wishing he could be there in close-proximity, but the kids are around! XD  I can imagine it might be difficult to retain their respect while mom has her feet pressed on dad's face like he's been demoted to her footrest. ;p  
Now if your socks after a day in your boots can change the ambiance of the room once they're taken off, just imagine the affect they would have when you're subjecting a tiny's amplified senses to them at point blank.  From your husband and my own perspective it's considered a good thing, a very good thing!  But from a tiny's perspective, perhaps that would begin to dance dangerously close to the too much of a good thing barrier.  The blistering heat, the unadulterated heady fragrance of your steamy end-of-the day socks breaking out of your boots and forcefully invading their personal space.  What would the definition of that moment be for them?  Erotically crippling? Intense and demolishing?  Chemical warfare? XD  If there were ever a more desirable hell to visit... :D
crlvr Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist that was funny......damn kids eh ;) I'll bet it's that much more enjoyable when you do get some "alone" time together though. Never got into the foot smelling part of it but can definitely appreciate how sexy a woman's foot can be for other things =p :blushes:
Tiny-Mk Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're a lucky guy bro! ;)
getsmall Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2015
What an incredible story! Thank you for sharing MissKaneda :) (Smile)

Wishing that David had been shrunk and crushed beneath Ranavalona's shoe as well. Wink/Razz 
Definitely loved how dominate, cruel and sadistic she is. I look forward to reading others stories with her as the main character.
Amanardra Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
I've been wanting more from Jennifer's Teacher for a while now. Good to see her again! Though, how could she just abandon her Uggs?! Too good to go to waste!
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Dear Ranavalona has spent her entire life from her earliest years simply taking whatever she desires, and admittedly that's caused her to have a bit of a shortsighted approach when it comes to placing value on anything in particular, whether it's human lives or even a pair of quite lovely boots. Should she ever feel like having a pair again, she'll simply locate some, claim them, and likely pulverize their previous owner beneath one of their thick, textured sole. Simple enough, really.
Amanardra Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015
I would expect nothing less from her.
papayoya Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This was an amazing story. I absolutely loved the combination of the absolute power coming from her size and the absolute power coming from magic. Of course, your descriptions did a lot to make the story even better than what it's original set-up had already made it. They were outstanding. Thank you!
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I'm delighted you enjoyed. There's so many wonderful ways to control, abuse and destroy people, and while I certainly have my favorites, it's wonderfully fun to delve into some different concepts and ideas every once in a while.
papayoya Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I agree. I typically prefer giantess in the city type of scenarios, since I find it particularly interesting when giantess exercises her power/control over the entire population. I typically find it harder to write about different scenarios. But when I read them and they are as beautifully done as this one, I enjoy them a lot :)
LadyNadja Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
Awesomje, Miss Kaneda! I have loved Ranavalona ever since I first came across her, but I think this story reaches a new dimension. The imagery of the necklace is so beautifully done - I just wish I could have one like it! I hope Ranavalona likes wearing her new stiletto-heeled boots - they will make her look so much more beautiful and commanding and offer endless possibilities for inflicting her will on the mere mortals around her...
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Your last statement characterizes dear Rana so well. Even though she's just as human as the people she smears beneath her toes, she's so much more than they could ever be. She's a princess, a sorceress, blessed with talents and powers beyond the comprehension of the pathetic peasants that cross her path. Since she was a child, people trembled with fear in her presence, and starting first with her older sister, she learned the pleasures and satisfactions that come from controlling another and having an utterly enthralled worshiper groveling at her feet, slavishly tonguing her shoes.

She breaks people and crushes their worthless little bodies beneath her boots because it's her right. It's her nature and in her mind it's simply what these simple human nothings deserve. People are born, live, and die for her purposes alone, and the sole measure of their worth is only what use they might be to her.

There's something to be said for having someone who worships you be the one who picks out your outfits. Provided they have the talent and taste, you can be sure you'll always be dressed like a goddess. Ranavalona enjoys that idea, as do I.

I'm delighted that you enjoyed this story and also Ranavalona herself so much. I wondered when I posted this if people would remember her from my earlier works as well as I hoped, and as you can tell, I have a rather deep attachment to this particular character and can easily slip into waxing poetic about her history and nature. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to do that this morning, and I suppose I'll certainly have to do some more work for my sadistic sorceress sooner rather than later.
crazycarrier Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
Another fabulous story!!! Your descriptions are so real. I actually felt like I was in the store witnessing this happening, instead of reading it from the safety of DA. Thank you for this great work of literature.
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Mm, I wonder what might have happened to you if you walked into the store after Miss Ranavalona. I'm sure you'd have enjoyed the show, but how would she have reacted to a receptive audience like you?

It probably wouldn't turn out well for you. That'd be my guess. Thank you for reading and the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed.
Berkhart Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2015
This is a fantastic story Miss Kaneda.  Your skills are obvious, and I wish I had the ability to express my thoughts on paper like this.

I'm a big fan of magic and mind control mixed in with size changing, so this will definitely go on my favorite story list.  
MissKaneda Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
My own tastes originated in my youth with simply being gigantic and crushing things underfoot, but the pleasures of power in all sorts of different forms certainly gained in appeal over the years as well to the point where I greatly enjoy dominating and controlling people in all different sorts of ways. Magic has always been a spectacular method for me because it allows for such incredible power to be wielded in a way that appears almost effortless, and I suppose mind control is an extension of that same idea, letting a woman utterly dehumanize and destroy another person with little more than her thoughts.

I'm glad you enjoyed. I certainly had a whole lot of fun writing this particular story.
Berkhart Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015
It's interesting how some people are attracted to wielding these types of powers, while others fantasize about being subject to, and exploited by those with these dominating abilities.
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